What are the office opening hours?

The building is open daily from 6am to midnight

On public holidays, the hours may vary and all tenant will be notified of any changes

Is there a contract or security deposit required?

No, we have no contract and don't require a security deposit

What is the notice period?

1 month

Are there any additional charges?

No, everything on the amenities page is included in the price of desk rental (no extra membership fees, joining fees, services charges, etc.)

How’s the internet?

Super fast 💥; 200Mbps fibre broadband with super fast Wi-Fi too

Do you have a kitchen and can I bring food to eat?

Yes, we’ve got microwaves and fridges with areas to eat

You're welcome to bring your own food or check out the local area

Do you offer telephones?

No, however, VOIP works

Can I use the address for post?

Yes, members can use the address for post

Any bike storage?

We have bike racks for shared use on each floor

Do you allow pets?

Unfortunately no pets are allowed

Is the space secure?

We have CCTV and the building and floors can only be accessed via issued fobs

Do you have any pictures?

Sure, check out the homepage

How can we contact you guys?

Please fill in the enquiry form on the amenities page